New images up: Belize Trip

hello there,

updated the gigs/trips page with an album including my trip thus far in Belize.


I've still another week to go here, but why not start getting some of those images up now, yeah? So check back. I'll update the album when able to.

all of the activities me and my sister's have gone on, thus far, have involved visiting old Mayan cities, and caves. The uploaded images reflect such. Something I have learned from this trip; I'm not a fan of being high off the ground with little to no safety areas. Big baby, heh.

I've put some of my favorite images within the "portfolio - digital" page, if you'd want to just skip to some of the besties, rather than go through my whole vacation.

comments and feedback are always welcomed, let me know if any of the images prove to strict you!

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